Camden Street School launches Girls Empowerment Program

This year, Bring Dinner Home is helping launch the Annual “BeYou”tiful Girls Defining Destiny “Pearls of Wisdom” Conference for the girls at Camden Street School in Newark, New Jersey. The event aims to educate young girls about identity, self-awareness, and self-esteem building through several fun and interactive activities. We are thrilled to support and contribute to this year’s event, as it amplifies the important message that young girls deserve support, mentorship, and guidance to feel empowered. We kindly ask for your support so we can continue this program in the coming years, and continue to empower and encourage young girls.

Thank you to all of our contributors

Thanks to your generosity we were able to provide grocery cards, coats, diapers, and school supplies to the 250 families of the Camden Street School. That means every student at Camden Street will be better prepared for school this winter with a good meal in the morning and warm coat all season. And every family will be able to have a joyous Thanksgiving meal safely in their homes.

But the needs of these students don’t end with the holidays. They and their families will continue to face even greater challenges learning in the midst of increasing COVID-19 and continuing poverty. We can always use more donors now, and we welcome your continuing support during the year to further assure these deserving students of success in school, and in life.

The Story of Bring Dinner Home

There is an undeniable and profound connection between hunger and a child’s ability to succeed in school, and in life. That’s why, in partnership with Principal Sam Garrison, Monica C. Smith and Amy Allan Smith chose to adopt Camden Street Elementary School for the “Bring Dinner Home” program in 2011. Their goal was to offer children and their families meaningful proof that others care about their well-being and futures. As the school motto promises, Camden Street is where students get the skills they need to achieve their dreams.

The Obstacles Faced by the Students are Immense

  • 90% of Camden Street students are economically disadvantaged.
  • 60% of Camden Street students are living in extreme poverty.
  • 30% of Camden Street students have special needs.
  • 85% of CASP students are living at or below poverty level.

And now, the pandemic means the families of The Camden Street School face even greater challenges. But, thanks to Bring Dinner Home and your support, those obstacles are being overcome every single day, and the impact we’ve had has been gratifying.
Your Support has Led to Proven Student Success

  • An increase in academic performance every year by at least 6% as evidenced by NJASK and PARCC
  • Quadrupled students’ acceptance rate into Newark’s competitive high schools
  • Among Newark’s top-performing schools on the 8th Grade PSAT test
  • Absentee rates continue to fall while the honor roll continues to grow
  • Teacher retention rate has grown to 95%

Let’s keep these positive results growing.

Make a donation to Bring Dinner Home today!

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Adopt a School

“I believe those of us who have found success owe it to this world to make it a better place. This is my mission: to end hunger for the children in our state and to ensure that the obstacles to learning are removed. Every child deserves to be fed, safe and educated. It is that simple.”

— Monica C. Smith, Chairwoman and Founder of Marketsmith, Inc

We encourage other businesses in New Jersey and everywhere to use the Bring Dinner Home model and adopt a deserving school in your area. It will make a positive difference in the lives of the children and, as we can attest from our own incredible experience, will have a profound impact on the spirit of your employees.

Ask Anne Picone at Marketsmith, Inc. for more information.

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Thank you!

Your support now is more critical than ever

It comes as no surprise that things for the Camden Street community are different this year. While we will not be holding our annual Bring Dinner Home in-school event, we are continuing to support the Students and their families in these truly challenging times. We urge you to support our ongoing support for these remarkable students with a monetary donation as we enter the holiday season. Your donation will help us supply needed coats, meals, technology and supplies that will keep the children and their families warm, well-fed, and connected to the teachers, counselors and community that so that they can thrive in school, and in life.

Contact Us

To find out more about Bring Dinner Home, to volunteer, or to begin the adoption process of a school near you, contact:

Anne Picone at Marketsmith, Inc.
Phone: 973-889-0006

If you are interested in donating to our event, arrange a pick-up date with Anne Picone or drop off at the Marketsmith Headquarters:

Marketsmith Headquarters
2 Wing Drive
Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927